Day Program Application

Dog Temperament Evaluation

I agree to terms & conditions provided by the company. By providing my phone number, I agree to receive text messages from the business.

If your dog has bitten a person or other animal, please notify staff prior to completing this evaluation.

By submitting this form, I certify that

A.) I have provided Bonafide Dog Academy with a full and accurate depiction of my pet’s temperament as I know it. I agree that all information provided above is accurate to the best of my knowledge. I agree to inform Bonafide Dog Academy of any changes in the above information, including but not limited to altercation or bite incidents involving people, dogs or other animals.

B.) I give permission for Bonafide Dog Academy staff to temperament test my dog for social activities. I understand that it is at the sole discretion of Bonafide Dog Academy as to whether my dog will be permitted to participate in social activities. I understand that initial passing of the temperament evaluation does not guarantee continued participation in social activities and that Bonafide Dog Academy may change my dog’s activity status at any time and for any reason. I understand that certain behaviors will disqualify my dog from receiving care at Bonafide Dog Academy outside of social activities.

C.) I understand that the Bonafide Day Academy program is, first and foremost, a daycare and enrichment program. While training is a large aspect of this program, it is not primarily a training program and is not intended to address serious behavioral concerns. I understand that the Bonafide Day Academy trainers will be working through a set curriculum with my dog and not a personalized program created to suit my personal goals. I understand that results are not guaranteed. I understand I will under no circumstances be entitled to a refund of services rendered or scheduled due to dissatisfaction with training results.

D.) I understand that there is inherent risk in participation in social activities, including but not limited to: fights, bites, contagious disease, parasites and emotional distress. I understand that while Bonafide Dog Academy takes precautions to minimize these risks, they cannot eliminate them. I give permission for my dog to participate in social activities at Bonafide Dog Academy with the knowledge that these risks exist. I hereby hold Bonafide Dog Academy and it’s agents harmless in the event of any assumed risk during social activities.